Jobs Taxonomy – The Landscape of Employment Opportunities

Mapping the Industry, Job Roles & Skills

We are assembling a partnership to map the landscape of solar jobs roles and skills - a jobs taxonomy. Our objective is to develop and sanction a internationally accepted jobs taxonomy for the jobs across the solar and distributed energy value chain, including material resources and calls to action for key stakeholders at an international level, and a domestic deep dive for partnering nations.

This taxonomy will answer key questions like:

  • What is the profile and distribution of solar jobs across the value chain to enable current and future demands?
  • What futurist scenarios do we see for solar that impact the workforce?
  • What transition roles are opportunities for upskilling or reskilling?
  • What roles and where in downstream need greater support  or a certain focus and filter?
  • How will digital technologies impact solar job profiles and needed competencies?
  • What are the economic development and long term employment implications that most impact solar and distributed energy job areas?

Key outputs for public policy and education stakeholders will include: 

  1. State of the Workforce, Future & Drivers
  2. Mapping Technical Domains & Competency Frameworks
  3. Community of Roles & Base Descriptions
  4. Generation of Domains & Roles
  5. Role Impacts
  6. Breakout Roles
  7. Transition Roles
  8. Role Clusters
  9. Success Profiles
  10. Calls to Action
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